About us

  • Fully equipped production with modern machinery
  • Higly skilled workforce
  • Accurate quality control to avoid defects and mistakes
  • High quality materials to meet the requested standards and quality
  • Trained professionals for production of most demanding high gloss and other finishes

Excel International d.o.o. was founded in 1993. From modest beginnings in rented spaces, we have developed rapidly and moved to our own quarters in Ajdovščina in 1997. Our production line, lacquer-shop and warehouse are stretched on 2000 m2.

Our initial focus was on custom made kitchen furniture for the Slovenian market. Soon, we started producing chairs for USA and European markets. Because of our flexibility and quality standards the company grew rapidly and expanded the fields of work. We have developed our own series of living-rooms and dining rooms, and gained more and more customers at home and abroad.

With successful production of demanding products according to customer specifications we are now an established company cooperating with renowned design and production companies.

Our latest bigger step in the development of the company was in the last 10 years, when we have successfully entered the market of facilities furniture and – as the most demanding projects – marine furniture for cruise ships, sailing boats and luxury yachts.

Through the years the basic focus of the company has remained the same. We wish to provide the customer with custom made products with attention to detail. We strive to meet all wishes and tastes in the agreed deadlines and chosen quality.

We also guarantee a strict discretion and confidentiality. That is also the reason that there are only a few references throughout our website.

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