Hospitality / Contract / Design

Excel International is able to produce either loose furniture or manage and produce complete individual areas and private suites or complete renovation projects.

We furnished some of the most renowned hotels and other hospitality facilities and thus gained trust and met the quality demands from some of the world’s most acclaimed designers and architects.

We always strive to fulfill the customer’s demands and wishes from the developement of a new product and up to the final quality control of the products. We are fully capable to develope and produce products that are more demanding construction-wise or have special finishes or applications of different materials.

Projects / References

  • Hotel Triest, Italy – 2014
    Lobby, Rooms 
  • Club Covent Garden – 2014
    Loose furniture
  • Toyota Center Ljubljana – 2013
    Loose furniture, Customer’s Stations
  • Loose furniture – 1995-present
    Chairs, Tables…